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Saturday, 30 May 2020

ASUS Leads In Laptop Reliability, beats all other competitors

ASUS leads the laptop manufacturers' club in Laptop Reliability as per the leading experts of the industry.

Have a look...

1.Laptop reliability survey: ASUS and Toshiba win, HP fails (by:

...ASUS and Toshiba (rather appropriately) share the winners' spoils, while HP languishes in the ignominious last place, with more than a quarter of all laptops expected to suffer a hardware fault of some kind within three years...


2. RESCUECOM's 2009 Second Quarter Top 5 Computer Reliability Report

The top five contenders and their computer reliability scores are as follows:

ASUS (416)

APPLE (394)




The ASUS brand of personal computers is still holding its own, ranking highest in the latest RESCUECOM Computer Reliability Report. For the second time in a row, results have shown ASUS to be the newest leader in reliable personal computers. RESCUECOM's 2009 second-quarter assessment ranked ASUS in the number-one slot, followed by APPLE and IBM/LENOVO, which locked in the number two and three spots, respectively...


3. RESCUECOM Releases Annual 2010 Computer Reliability Report

The top five manufacturers with the best overall computer reliability performances for 2010 are:

1. Apple (365)

2. Asus (305)

3. IBM/Lenovo (305)

4. Toshiba (199)

5. HP/Compaq (149)

...however it was Asus who won the spotlight with its impressive 190.7% growth, year over year. Due to Asus’ excellent performance, we have awarded them with Second place...



4. ASUS tops independent laptop and netbook reliability survey

In its most recent industry-wide survey, the leading, independent computer retail company, Rescuecom has named ASUS netbooks and notebooks as the most reliable laptops with just 0.2% of calls received giving it a Rescuecom reliability factor of twice the nearest competitor...



5. Readers' Choice Awards 2010 (by: PC Magazine)

...Asus, which makes everything from highly mobile netbooks to high-end gaming systems, posted an excellent reliability satisfaction rating of 8.9 and had the second fewest laptops needing repairs (6 percent)...


6. The Tech Brands You Can Trust (by: PC World)

...Put simply, products made by Apple, Asus, Brother, and Canon are typically reliable and well supported.

Products made by Dell and Hewlett-Packard often aren't, especially if you're a home user....


And so many more....What can we say? ASUS is the best!